Адрес оперативного штаба помощи беженцам из Украины:

Medical care under the National Health Fund and privately in Polish, Ukrainian, Russian or English. As part of telemedicine, it operates throughout Poland. Registration number: +48 535 767 000 (Mon-Fri 8.00-18.00) wartorazem.medical@gmail.com Plac Kolegiacki 12A 61-841 Poznań, office 303

  • consultations of Polish-Ukrainian-Russian-English-speaking doctors (telemedicine);
  • prescription for drugs (e-prescription);
  • prescription for emergency contraception (e-prescription);
  • sick leave (e-leave L4, ZUS ZLA);
  • medical research referral;
  • selection of a Polish analog of the drug;
  • medical references;


Medical consultation using technologies that enable a visit to the doctor "at a distance" is currently one of the most appropriate solutions in the medical sector. We hear more and more requests to provide services in this form. Thanks to the introduction of electronic prescription and electronic dispensation, solutions in the field of telemedicine have become an effective tool that allows you to obtain specialized medical care without leaving your home or without a personal visit to the doctor. We invite you to take advantage of this form of consultation!


e-Prescription is an electronic version of a traditional prescription that we receive from a doctor. e-Prescription does not require a personal visit to the doctor or polyclinic.

It can be obtained in the following form:

  • via SMS containing a 4-digit Code;
  • via e-mail (in PDF format containing the code scanned by the pharmacist when buying drugs);
  • if you have an IKP account (Internet Patient Account), the recipe will be available in your profile.

e-leave (L4, eZLA)

It is a sick leave without leaving home. The e-sick leave will be automatically sent by the doctor to the employer and to ZUS, thanks to which you will not have to provide it yourself. After consultation with the patient's health (or on the basis of the presented test results, medical history, medications taken), the doctor decides whether an e-certificate should be issued.