Адрес оперативного штаба помощи беженцам из Украины:

Current projects

Warto Razem MEDICAL

Medical center providing medical services on the basis of an agreement with the National Health Fund and on private terms. Highly qualified therapists, dermatologists, infectious disease specialists, gynecologists. Our doctors conduct consultations in Russian and Ukrainian, both in person and by phone. The most modern telemedicine system that allows you to receive medical services without leaving your home. We work all over Poland. The medical center is located in the very center of Poznań.

Warto Razem MENTEES

Warto Razem it is worth helping not only Ukrainians, we also implement social projects in Poland, such as: helping children with special needs and people in difficult situations.

Warto Razem UKRAINE

The project has existed since the beginning of the war and continues to operate, even though most of the centers are no longer operational. Warto Razem provides housing, information and humanitarian aid. The project provides everything necessary for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ukrainian community.

Warto Razem PROJECTS

Our social projects organize many charity actions for the inhabitants of Poznań, which is why our joint help is not only a manifestation of the social responsibility of citizens, but is also very fun and interesting. Follow our social networks because we are waiting for you!

about us

About us

We are an international public organization for which nothing is impossible! A team of like-minded people who turn dreams into socially useful projects.

Our goals:

  • Connects people for the sake of peace, goodness and support. Implementation of social initiatives and volunteering to rise to the heights of humanity. Defending the human dignity of migrants.
  • Providing safe and reliable information in the field of health protection, as well as helping in solving these problems to immigrants and third-country nationals living in the city of Poznań.
  • Cooperation with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners in order to draw attention to the problems of foreigners living in the city of Poznań.
  • Help in solving growing socio-economic problems in the everyday life of migrants.
  • Organization and patronage over mass cultural events aimed at increasing human unity and spirituality.

Our mission


Selfless and voluntary participation in socially significant projects aimed at improving the socio-economic life of migrants, helping others and gaining invaluable life experiences, because volunteering offers many opportunities that allow you to look at yourself and the surrounding world in a completely new way, learn something and gain new friendships.


Support in medical matters and in selecting a doctor to service the patient in Polish, Ukrainian, Russian or English.


Organization and patronage over cultural and mass events for migrants, namely: meetings and seminars, competitions and performances, sports and health events, artistic and cultural fairs, the purpose of which is to increase human unity and spirituality.


Legal consultations and information support in legal matters, as well as in court and pre-trial proceedings in Poland. Preparation of legal opinions and procedural documentation.


To unite all those who care, activists and volunteers, information portals and platforms, governmental and non-governmental organizations around the problem of migrants living in Poland in order to improve and protect the lives of foreigners and the whole society.

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