Sport for life!

Football marathon in support of cancer patients and orphans!

It is not news that most foreigners disappear for days at work, without leaving home, thereby alternating days in the “work-sleep” mode. And on days off do not want to go anywhere, especially in the rainy and gloomy days in Poznan.
Everyone chooses their own leisure time. Someone is hanging out with colleagues in bars, someone with their wives and girls in shopping malls, or strolling parks and streets of the city, and someone prefers to stay active despite the weather and fatigue.
That is why sport is a great solution for young and energetic people. The choice is football, because in the modern world – it is the most popular and emotional sport. Ordinary guys from Ukraine have created their own team and conquer rivals with their victories not for the first time already. As it became known from the news of the international organization Warto Razem in Poznan:

“Once again there was a sports event sponsored by Warto Razem. The first tournament took place on 14.07 in Poznan, with a total of four teams participating. The second tournament took place on 27.07 in the town of Kournik. Again four football teams Poznan and the surrounding area met in the tournament. The collected funds will go to the organization DOBRZE ŻE JESTEŚ, helping cancer patients. The team “Zarobitchany” won the first place. Already the second tournament in a row the team tried to take gold and finally it managed to do it. Congratulations to the winners! Representatives of the organization handed the cup and were awarded the honorable gold medal for supporting the tournament! Thank you) The match interrupted the rain, but it could not spoil the mood. In the future, we plan to organize a charity tournament in support of cancer patients and orphans, between the teams of Poles and Ukrainians. Join our events, stay up to date with the news and help! Because to help is worth together!”

As we can see, sport brings great benefits not only to the health of the football teams players, but also all the funds raised during the game go to charity.