Warto Razem For Business

A full range of registration and accounting services, tax and legal services for Polish companies, Limited liability Companies. There are certified Russian-speaking, Ukrainian-speaking, as well as Polish accountants and lawyers.
  • Registration Spółka z o. o.
  • Electronic signature EPUAP
  • Legal address (real, virtual)
  • Opening a current account
  • Accounting services
  • Transport company
  • Liquidation of Spółki
  • Assistance in obtaining a license for taxi, bus transportation, cargo transportation on the territory of Poland and the European Union
  • Registration of permits and invitations to work, survey of the headman
  • Assistance in finding and purchasing residential and commercial real estate in Poland
  • Power of attorney and permission to leave the child, sell real estate, car for Ukraine
  • Obtaining certificates in Ukraine
  • Тranslation services
Contacts: +48535767000 (Press 3 – accounting support, translation, notary services) Mon-Fri 8.00-16.00 biuro.wartorazem@gmail.com
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