ll Tournament “Sport Dla Życia”! Under the patronage of the Voivode of Greater Poland!

Warto Razem team, patients, staff and administration of the school n108 at the Specialized Department for Maternal and Child Health in Poznan Express their heartfelt gratitude to all who participated and supported the charity international football tournament! Thanks to everyone, organizers, volunteers, teams, judges, guests and fans!

Recall that on Sunday, December 15, in the hall of the Lyceum named after St. Mary Magdalene was held the second football tournament from Warto Razem under the patronage of the Greater Poland Voivode “Sport Dla Życia”, which was attended by six teams (three from Poland and three from Ukraine). The game was very emotional and spectacular, because already the group matches have made a lot of intrigue. The winner was FC York Bolechowo! Our congratulations to the team! Well done! Well-coordinated and cold-blooded game throughout the tournament. The second place was taken by FC Warto Razem, which for us was a great surprise and joy at the same time! Hurray! The third place was taken by the winners of our previous tournament FC Cybina Swarzędz! Heroes! Fought to the last! Also, the statuette for the best scorer was awarded to Vitaly Sharko (FC Cybina Swarzędz), the statuette for the best player of the team – Eugene Gumansky (FC Warto Razem), the statuette for the best goalkeeper – Lukash Mahovina (FC York Bolechowo). The other three teams received diplomas for participation. Guests and fans were also not left without attention and were treated to free coffee, tea, donuts, chips, Pepsi, and the youngest even received a gift toy “LEGO football player”.

All funds raised at the tournament will be used to purchase furniture for the in-patient Department of the children’s hospital at Krysiewicza. Together with the furniture, about a hundred toys from the organization for the youngest patients will be handed over.
Once again, we thank everyone who helped and attended the tournament! Nothing would have happened without You! Good deeds keep this world afloat, and do them warto razem!

More photos from the tournament on the link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/11XRE8m8O2b3c-pLPQO4HJWGeIY1bdXHu?usp=sharing