Sale! Sale! Sale!

Another great news for fans of culture and theater!

New season! New events! New emotions! Public organization Warto Razem with the support of the City Office of Poznan, Municipal Departments of Physical Culture of Poznan, Polish Theater in Poznań, Theatre of Animation in Poznań, Botanical Garden of “Palmiarnia” invite everyone for the events in the cultural institutions in Poznan. The main news is that you can (and should) attend the performances of the above institutions at a discount from the organization! 30%, 50%. 70% off the ticket price!

Allow yourself to relieve fatigue from work or school. In order to get out of the house for at least a couple of hours, even banal escape from business. A great opportunity to feel the true human feelings when watching a performance that will help get rid of the workload of the brain and eyes. An interesting staging, a high-quality play of the actors will help to get a boost of energy for a week and bring diversity to life. Diversify your days and get a moral relief! Do not miss the great opportunity to unwind, develop spiritually, look at the world from a different angle, relax and meet new people!

More information about discounts on performances will be presented on our information portals Facebook and Instagram. Follow our updates to not miss a great opportunity to visit the cultural places of Poznan!