Not in word, but in deed!

“The patients, staff and administration of school n108 at the specialized Department for Maternal and Child Health in Poznan Express their heartfelt gratitude to Warto Razem for providing equipment for the education and entertainment of children staying in the departments of the hospital. Thank you for your noble heart and openness to another person. Your attitude is an example of how worth caring for others and emphasizes the highest values-human dignity, and the desire to help.»
Sincerely Director of the branch Ewa Prominska

We are glad to share that the team of the organization Warto Razem together with the Foundation Dr Clown purchased equipment, namely tables for teaching children staying on inpatient treatment, in the children’s hospital on Krysiewicza in Poznan and gave them to needy young patients. We thank the administration of the hospital for the warm welcome. Good deeds keep this world afloat, and they need to be done together !!!