If not us then who?

Walking through the market Stara Rzeżnia that in Poznań, a hot weekend, you can stumble upon a lot of interesting goods, people and a lot of different other stuff. So, every Sunday, starting from 16 July to 21 August, at so-called “Ukrainian market” (Stara Rzeżnia), it is possible to meet volunteers and activists from organizations already known as Warto Razem.
In such an abnormal heat for Poznań, they hand out free cool water to all passers-by and familiarize citizens with their existing projects and activities aimed at providing safe and reliable information on social assistance and health care, obtaining and processing documents of citizens of Ukraine for their use abroad, obtaining credit, insurance and investment for foreigners in Poland, business activities in various organizational forms, other administrative and legal issues, as well as assistance in solving the above-mentioned problems of immigrants and third-country nationals living in Poznan, its surroundings and in Poland as a whole.
An interesting idea, because water is a real salvation and a great way to dilute a hot day with a refreshing drink in combination with an informative conversation, make new friends, consult with knowledgeable and experienced people in matters of interest and get competent, free, important and safe help.