Providing comprehensive advice and professional assistance in the field of legalizing the residence and employment of foreigners, as well as in Polish immigration, civil and labor law.
Support at every stage of the administrative proceedings, starting with the preparation of the necessary documents and ending with the receipt of a positive decision.

  • Getting a Social Security number (PESEL)
  • Registration of residence (meldunek)
  • Legalizing work (oświadczenia, zezwolenia na pracę),
  • Temporary residence permits (karta czasowego pobytu)
  • Permanent residence permits (karta stałego pobytu)
  • Long-term EU residence permit (pobyt rezydenta długoterminowego UE)
  • Appeal against a negative decision (apelacja/odwolanie)
  • Other types of letters or appeals to state authorities

+48535767000 (Press 2 – legalization) Mon-Fri 9.00-17.00

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    Открытие фирм

    A full range of registration and accounting services, tax and legal services for Polish companies, Limited liability Companies. There are certified Russian-speaking, Ukrainian-speaking, as well as Polish accountants and lawyers.
    • Registration Spółka z o. o.
    • Electronic signature EPUAP
    • Legal address (real, virtual)
    • Opening a current account
    • Accounting services
    • Transport company
    • Liquidation of Spółki
    • Assistance in obtaining a license for taxi, bus transportation, cargo transportation on the territory of Poland and the European Union
    • Registration of permits and invitations to work, survey of the headman
    • Assistance in finding and purchasing residential and commercial real estate in Poland
    • Power of attorney and permission to leave the child, sell real estate, car for Ukraine
    • Obtaining certificates in Ukraine
    • Тranslation services
    Contacts: +48535767000 (Press 3 – accounting support, translation, notary services) Mon-Fri 8.00-16.00
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