Coronavirus Polonez

“Yesterday, the public organization Warto Razem brought students in Polonaise who were imprisoned in quarantine such wonderful gifts (you can say, because it’s all free). I would like to Express my great gratitude, and my daughter is among these students. The most important thing is the feeling that you are being given a helping hand! The guys distributed food until night, so as not to offend anyone and carried them under the doors of rooms. Fruits, vegetables, dairy products and other goodies made the residents of the hostel very happy. Thank you again!” Maria Leiko, mom one of the students dormitory Polonez in Poznan

Earlier one of the students who lived in the hostel Polez in the city of Poznan identified carrying coronavirus and the entire hostel was sent to quarantine. More than 240 people, international students from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Spain, were isolated and unable to go out to buy food. The organization decided to help people who found themselves in a very difficult situation during the pandemic with food packages. 25.03 the organization’s volunteers prepared and delivered packages with a total weight of more than 300 kilograms of food and beverages. We thank the administration of the hostel, which helped with the delivery of food directly to the doors of the rooms. In the difficult time of the coronavirus pandemic, we must unite more than ever and help each other, and help, and its much better to help together!