Food sets support.

Since September 2019, Warto Razem has launched its humanitarian program to support the needy population with food. The program is funded by the International Public Organization “Warto Razem”, with the support of the City Administration of Poznan and the Greater Poland Food Bank.
The program is implemented by providing free food packages twice a month for one person or one family. The grocery set includes: vegetables, fruits, bakery products (bread, doughnuts, rolls, pizza), perishable products (sausage, cheese, herring, burgers, sandwiches, dumplings, yogurts), instant soups, chips, cookies, diet breads, canned food, drinks. First of all, people in need can use the help, namely: large families, the unemployed, with delays in payment of wages, the disabled or simply people who find themselves in a particular difficult life situation. Kits are issued to both migrants and needy residents of Poznan and its surroundings. You can apply for the kits by filling out the Google form: ,

or directly at the office of the organization at: ul. 12 Sielska, 60-129 Poznań.
From September to December 2019, the volunteers of the organization prepared and issued about 440 free sets with a total weight of 8.5 tons of food.
Unfortunately, being able to help all those in need remains a difficult task for us. During the implementation of the program, more than 700 applications were accepted. The data show that people who are in Poland temporarily or who came here permanently, experiencing great financial and social problems. It is very difficult for migrants in Poland to cope with such or other problems, and with the help of state or other support programs from non-governmental organizations – this process becomes easier. Warto Razem is one of the few organizations in the territory of the Republic of Poland that helps in this direction.