A new office is open.

“Warto Razem” – a helping hand!

Unite, strengthen, help – it’s not just a set of words. This is the motto of the international organization called Warto Razem, which was opened recently, but today a large number of migrants in Poland have become confident that they have the support of the organization, there is someone to turn to in an emergency and get high-quality and free advice from qualified specialists.
What is the main purpose of the organization? The only team of specialists in the city of Poznań carries out many social projects through cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations, thereby defending and drawing attention to the global problems and rights of every migrant in trouble, not only in Poznan, but also throughout Poland.
The assistance consists in providing free and secure consultation or addressing the issues of medical and legal nature to everyone who applied. Also do not leave aside entrepreneurs and businessmen, helping to understand the organizational, financial and legal issues for the proper conduct of business in Poland.
Volunteers and activists also play an important role in the Warto Razem team, who voluntarily hold cultural events, disseminate information to those in need of the above-mentioned issues and help to adapt in a foreign country. Thereby unite people among themselves and give the chance to make new friends.
By the way, anyone can become a volunteer of the organization. It does not matter whether the experience is important, it is only the desire to help others free of charge and not to stay away. In order to join the team, you only need to apply at the main office at Poznań, ul. Sielska 12.
For those who wish to get a free consultation and decision on any issue there is an opportunity to contact the call-centre organization by numbers: +48 791 710 950; +48 535 767 000, or write an e-mail: biuro.wartorazem@gmail.com