House of social assistance

Recently, the organization Warto Razem provided food assistance to one of the social care homes for the elderly in Poznań, namely Dom Pomocy Społecznej, Konarskiego 11/13
After all, they are exactly the group that, more than anyone, need our help and protection, especially during the coronavirus pandemic
Our volunteers prepared and delivered more than 400 kg of food: yoghurts, fruits, canned food, juices, sauces, etc.
The management and residents welcomed us with warmth and joy, like family)). And it is very pleasant when your efforts are appreciated. Even more pleasing is the fact that we see the eyes full of gratitude and happiness of those people who receive help.
This is the least that any of us can do for the elderly. After all, they are an important part of our population that needs, first of all, respect, attention and help.
Therefore, join us and let’s bring together a drop of positivity and humanity to each other.
Good deeds keep this world afloat, and they are worth doing together!