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Tournament in support of orphans!

We are happy to share one more good news! On Sunday 25.08, the second tournament was held with the support of Warto Razem! This time it was an integrational charity tournament in which teams from Poland and Ukraine took part. All the money collected in the tournament will go to the charity organization Doctor Clown, for toys for orphans. Volunteers from the Doctor Clown were present and thanked players and organizers as well as gave all booklets and clown noses) Ukrainian team Cybina Swarzedz got the victory! Our sincere congratulations! Second and third place: Synowie Gehenny (Poland), Zarobitczany FC (Ukraine)….

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If not us then who?

Walking through the market Stara Rzeżnia that in Poznań, a hot weekend, you can stumble upon a lot of interesting goods, people and a lot of different other stuff. So, every Sunday, starting from 16 July to 21 August, at so-called “Ukrainian market” (Stara Rzeżnia), it is possible to meet volunteers and activists from organizations already known as Warto Razem. In such an abnormal heat for Poznań, they hand out free cool water to all passers-by and familiarize citizens with their existing projects and activities aimed at providing safe and reliable information on social assistance and health care, obtaining and…

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A new office is open.

“Warto Razem” – a helping hand! Unite, strengthen, help – it’s not just a set of words. This is the motto of the international organization called Warto Razem, which was opened recently, but today a large number of migrants in Poland have become confident that they have the support of the organization, there is someone to turn to in an emergency and get high-quality and free advice from qualified specialists. What is the main purpose of the organization? The only team of specialists in the city of Poznań carries out many social projects through cooperation with governmental and non-governmental organizations,…

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Sale! Sale! Sale!

Another great news for fans of culture and theater! New season! New events! New emotions! Public organization Warto Razem with the support of the City Office of Poznan, Municipal Departments of Physical Culture of Poznan, Polish Theater in Poznań, Theatre of Animation in Poznań, Botanical Garden of “Palmiarnia” invite everyone for the events in the cultural institutions in Poznan. The main news is that you can (and should) attend the performances of the above institutions at a discount from the organization! 30%, 50%. 70% off the ticket price! Allow yourself to relieve fatigue from work or school. In order to…

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Sport for life!

Football marathon in support of cancer patients and orphans! It is not news that most foreigners disappear for days at work, without leaving home, thereby alternating days in the “work-sleep” mode. And on days off do not want to go anywhere, especially in the rainy and gloomy days in Poznan. Everyone chooses their own leisure time. Someone is hanging out with colleagues in bars, someone with their wives and girls in shopping malls, or strolling parks and streets of the city, and someone prefers to stay active despite the weather and fatigue. That is why sport is a great solution…

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